Next Step?

Apr 5 6 Comments

30 y/o bachelors in business admin. Currently working as an analyst in SF. Use SQL to pull data and run with it. Creating dashboards and slide decks using Tableau/Power BI. Make actionable insights on data and pinpoints metrics to monitor.

Technical Skills: SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Excel
Financial skills: Revenue projection, Budgeting, Forecasting

Total compensation package ~$105K. 3YOE.

Looking to expand my technical skill set and further my career, any advice? Programs I should learn? R? Python?

What kinds of roles am I looking at down the line?


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  • New / Data tVMh86
    python over R if you were to pick one

    Next step can be working towards data scientist
    Apr 5 2
    • American Express D.BCooper
      What about PySpark?
      Apr 6
    • New / Data tVMh86
      if you already familiar with python then pyspark could be next step. But it really depends what you want to heads towards. Pyspark for building data pipelines, or learn scikit for machine learning models
      Apr 6
  • PayPal go-Paypal
    How about product management. One very imp skill for a good product manager is that she/he should understand data. Given u have that experience it is worth exploring. You can join Product school and network with people. I think entry level product manager are paid well in most of the companies.
    Apr 5 1
    • OP
      Thanks- I’ll look into it. Don’t product managers usually have MBAs?
      Apr 5
  • Zillow Group ipoop
    No, product managers come from a variety of backgrounds.
    Apr 5 0


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