Next career move? Good software engineer, hate leetcode, burned out at 30

New MlbV17
Aug 19 22 Comments

Blind I need some help. I've had some good success as an engineer. Received offers in the past as high as 300k in NYC finance. But thats the past, I'm approaching 30 and burned out on interviews and grinding leetcode. I could learn it all again and crack FAANG, but this will be the last time. I can't see myself grinding out these problems at 35. What should I do? What career would be good for me? I know tons of ml, distributed systems, some product stuff, but I'm very social. Should I move to sales? sales engineering? early stage startup? Move into management? I need help!

I will add, I do love programming, but if I'm being honest with myself, I will not be able to sustain these kind of competitive interviews. But I also dont want to be stuck at low TC. Really in a bind, and I suspect many older engineers are too.

TC: 0$, rage quit my last job


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  • New / IT BlindSLF
    Moving into management is what you must think of in my opinion
    Aug 19 0
  • Dematic / Eng Larry Cook
    Firstly, you wouldn’t need to cram leetcode if you understand all the fundamentals of data structures. You can easily go through the main concepts and algorithms and give interviews. Plenty of blinders who give interviews like that.

    Secondly, you don’t need to study everyday. If you want to keep your skills sharp then study an hour every week but let’s face it. Not many people do that.

    Next yes you can apply for PM roles or sales roles so you get out of leetcode grind. Pay might differ.
    Aug 20 3
    • Chase / Eng 8==D~
      Not sure I agree with this. Hate to sound cliche, and I hate urban slang, but the struggle is real.

      I have been to interviews at non FAANG startups and I am was expected to come up with optimal DP solutions with working code to leet code hards in about 45 mins. These were startups that have a ton of equity but low salary.

      If anything it’s getting more difficult even for mediocre start ups.
      Aug 20
    • Apple bogle
      So FAANG type companies which are already very difficult are even more difficult to get into than small companies? What companies are even considered "not that difficult" to get into these days then?
      Aug 20
    • Chase / Eng 8==D~
      From my anecdotal exp, yes, some start ups have a weird complex where they ask the most difficult questions because they think their engineering is like top-shelf. More ego than real talent.

      Obviously, not all startups are like this. Some forego the leetcode style interview for pair programming or domain specific knowledge.
      Aug 21
  • Amazon Dr 𓂸
    Try solutions architect? Pay isn't as good but it has more socialising and less stress than hardcore programming.
    Aug 20 0
  • Zillow Group Sr. Troll
    Professional Story Teller
    Aug 20 0
  • Facebook / Eng 10x.eng
    Rest and vest at Google
    Aug 20 0
  • American Express / Eng OKXz86
    Get a job at a company with good/better work life balance then, it won’t burn you out. If you’re making 300k and know machine learning I’m sure you could land a good job somewhere without cramming leetcode just based on your current knowledge. Just research good companies with good work/life balance and put yourself out there and see what you get
    Aug 19 0
  • Oracle dksknx
    Move to start up
    Aug 19 0
  • Celgene / Data

    Celgene Data

    Fred Hutch, Amazon
    Biotech... We are super chill and you get to like science!
    Aug 20 1
    • Northrop Grumman HowCouldYu
      Not as good pay tho
      Aug 24
  • New / R&D

    New R&D

    Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
    Senior iOS developer and tech lead
    Burnt out at 30 ? not sure you'll be able to grind problems at 35? rage quiet your last job and passed 300K TC in the past ...

    I dunno ... some proportions needed.
    Seems like you need a good vacation to chill and then step back into the real world... (Sorry if you don't find it helpful - just my POV as someone "older" than you that currently "grinds" LC - and know that as long as I want to be getting the TC , opening doors and developing - gotta put in the work as well...)
    Sep 8 0
  • Microsoft techladki
    If you're a good programmer, how long would it take to do some competitive programming?
    Leetcode questions are way easier compared to ACM or Google code jam!
    Aug 20 0
  • WeWork RPvk36
    I feel like, I am a slightly younger version of you. I haven’t found an answer yet either, but I think trying to rest and vest at a fang would be the most ideal outcome for me. My bullshit tolerance is too low for management.
    Aug 20 0
  • New


    Consider joining a company that you would like to stay long time and grow.
    Aug 20 0
  • New DkbP71
    Maybe look into commercial real estate. These mother fuckers love to talk jesus christ just let me work.
    Aug 20 0
  • Microsoft / Eng mstsc
    Apply for Technical PM roles at FB, Google.
    Aug 20 0
  • Nokia prisbqir
    Move to tech mgmt or sales / mktg
    Aug 19 0