Next unicorn

Bloomberg DINE<GO>
Sep 21 9 Comments

What do y'all think is the next Series A-ish company that will be a unicorn and have a blowout IPO?

My money is on Airtable (not series A I know)

Also, it seems almost none of them are going to be in NYC.


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  • Microsoft πŸ‹ fin
    "170 million over 5 rounds" doesn't make Airtable look Series-A ish.

    I'm yet to find a single reason why Airtable makes sense over MS Office and Atlassian. Can you show me examples of anyone using Airtable apart from kale smoothie millennials in Mission SF?
    Sep 21 1
    • Bloomberg DINE<GO>
      It's prettier but it's an entirely different product. Think of it like a modern MS Access or an easier to use MS PowerApps. Market is huge all up and down company size. The only problem is if Oracle or MSFT buy them sooner.
      Sep 21
  • Cisco / IT

    Cisco IT

    Cadence Design Systems
    Segment the beast
    Sep 21 0
  • Darkstore grayworm
    Sep 21 1
    • Snapchat / Eng EvanSucks
      Can’t find any startup called judy. What space is it in ?
      Sep 21
  • NIO Wrapper
    Sep 21 0
  • Athenahealth erasure
    Sep 21 0
  • Careem keeprollin
    Sep 21 0
  • Tesla nWUR66
    Sep 21 0