No Layoffs in Huawei?

Samsung yahyahyah
Jun 10 4 Comments

one of my friends considers to apply to Huawei.
but I'm still worry about working stability..
cause there was few news in USA on Huawei's Layoff.....
How do you forecast it?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Microsoft widienw
    Work for Huawei if you’re desperate. Otherwise wtf are you doing even considering?
    Jun 10 0
  • Microsoft tard
    If you are not chinese, most likely your boss/colleagues will steal your credit. If you are chinese, good luck finding jobs after you’re done at huawei
    Jun 10 0
  • Microsoft hdkendnhs
    Does your friend even read any news? US is deliberately trying to make Huawei going out of business. It already barred technology transfer from US to China.

    You don’t even know whether US office can receive money from Huawei headquarters in China. I mean, why would they keep the office where they can’t even get any engineering work done? Huawei is barred from using Microsoft, Android, ARM, Intel, Qualcomm and even Github! How do you think they can even work in US?

    Unless there is a dramatic turn, all Huawei employees in US should start job hunting. Joining in this time will be waste of time. If Huawei China wants to keep US office, US government will try to shut it down. They even searched San Diego office a few months ago (big news).
    Jun 10 0
  • Apple ddgdchdch
    If “your friend” is a citizen that’s fine.
    Jun 10 0


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