No response after interview with Palantir

OSIsoft / Product hmu1
Aug 12 6 Comments

I had an on-site with palantir and was told that they would discuss my candidacy by Thursday of last week but I haven't heard back yet do you think it's just communication inefficiency or likely not gonna get it ? Thought I did decently in the interview


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Tesla tTfQ61
    Slow your roll. Sometimes they get bogged down, interview feedback slow, want to get through more candidates, hiring mgr goes on vacation, etc
    Aug 12 2
    • Chase / Finance

      Chase Finance

      Asset & Wealth Management at JPMorgan Securities
      Sometimes it’s this but hope not where silence means no.
      Aug 12
    • OSIsoft / Product hmu1
      Thats what I think normally but every stage before they got back to me after 1 to 2 days that is why I am worried
      Aug 13
  • Bloomberg / Other ASSSlayer
    They take ages to reply - don't worry
    Aug 14 0
  • Amgen Fin4eng
    It’s basically 2 days later than they said. That’s not unusual
    Aug 12 0
  • Salesforce vjkos
    Did you end up hearing back? How long was the wait?
    Sep 23 0


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