No seed but series A at 17M

New JSPq37
Jun 6 9 Comments

Already have paying customers... Offering 1.5% post series A, $200k TC

Is it worth joining our should go to a $500k+ job?


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  • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
    Assuming it's a SaaS company, once you have at $10 million in revenue your valuation would be $100 million and your portion would be around $1M based on the dilution.

    It would take few years to go from $2M in revenue to $10M in revenue.

    so it really depends on the kind of company working for and their growth.

    Check with the founders about the revenue forcast.

    also check what they have achieved in life so far. Did they sold any company in last?
    Jun 6 0
  • New JSPq37
    15 yoe.. 5 years in tier 1.

    It's a saas + full service in 100B Tam business domain. Founders have built a 500m company before, now stuck at growth

    Revenue forecast is 2m+ arr by end of 2020
    Jun 6 1
    • LeanTaaS ♥️ data
      What is the current revenue?

      Did they received 17 million valuation based on their previous achievements?
      Jun 6
  • Amazon KLmf68q
    What is your YOE?
    Jun 6 0
  • Amazon jef556
    Its a solid offer for a startup. If it goes south, your equity will be 0, so there’s a risk. More risk more gains.
    Jun 6 0
  • Uber / Eng barnacles.
    Paying customers does not mean profit
    Jun 6 2
    • Twitch / Data select *
      Lmao. The irony of someone who just cashed out big from the ipo on a company that probably won't be profitable for a few years
      Jun 6
    • Agari / Eng oftenhuman
      But he's still right.
      Jun 6
  • Salesforce guacamoLay
    +1, same dilemma.
    Jun 6 0