Not a single stable Google phone! ☹️

Amazon / Eng kDyEf
Aug 30 17 Comments

Purchased Pixel 3a, random restarts, and occasional slowness on basic use. Returned and then purchased Pixel 3. Random restarts, in no network area it shows LTE as if it is a static icon, BT issues, no 3.5 mm Jack. Since the time Amazon blocked mobile email on all android phones but Google phone because of its day 1 security updates, I wanted to move to one of Google phone. On hardware and software stability, samsung still wins.

Started to research about iPhone in "budget." I am surprised why basic android phone needs 4GB ram and still slow? While iPhone is fast at 2GB memory.


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  • Apple


    Spittoon of Upper Mgmt
    🍎rocks !
    Aug 30 0
  • Quora GLvH62
    Get a oneplus
    Aug 30 3
    • Twitter <b>
      Aug 30
    • New / Other NoMeansY/N
      Finally someone knows what is quality
      Aug 30
    • Amazon sbsjhskab
      I was all in for one plus until they put garbage in screen sensor.
      Aug 31
  • Amazon sbsjhskab
    My experience with 3a has been very pleasant. I question every $1000 phone now. I got iPhone as well recently and you are right, no amount of cpu and memory on Android can make it fluid like ios
    Aug 30 0
  • Pinterest Aph008
    Get an iphone.
    Aug 30 0
  • Cisco @/
    3a has been good to me, so far
    Aug 30 0
  • Facebook / Eng
    Easy Going

    Facebook Eng

    Easy Goingmore
    I've had 2 pixel 3a phones become completely unusable within the first 2 months!

    Good thing Google has the warranty because these devices are highly unreliable.

    I really wanted to like them but they need to consistently work.
    Aug 30 0
  • Pivotal bartelby
    OnePlus7pro is the way to go!
    Aug 30 0
  • Autolist eFks14
    Wait for pixel 4 in October
    Aug 30 0
  • Google / Ops Huhf13
    Pixel 3a is very popular because it's cheap, stable, good camera
    Aug 31 1
    • Amazon / Eng fAbWj
      Aug 31
  • eBay ilu ilu
    I'm loving my pixel phone
    Aug 30 0
  • Apple onepunch
    Just get an iPhone already. Android phones sometimes just can’t meet your high bar for quality.
    Aug 30 0
  • Apple BBms54
    Isn't amazon getting you the phone though? I mean if they want to block email, they buy you a phone.
    Aug 30 0
  • New / Sales MrYH37
    Ask your company to get you a phone
    Aug 30 0


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