Not sure I can get Visa for onsite, what to do?

New / Eng new_man
Sep 22 5 Comments

I have an onsite interview in London for New Grad at Palantir, problem is I am not sure I will be able to get a visa. I am an international student in Asia on a scholarship and have no assets or as they call it "ties to a country" for a UK Visa, only option I have is to take a job where I am and extend my Visa (I already have an offer). I saw someone on stackexchange who had a similar case and was rejected as well.

I had told my recruiter after my online assessment and he just brushed it aside, not sure what to do and looking for any advice. I had done 400 LC since March and some competitive programming questions using the UVA site, now I am afraid I won't even get a chance to do my onsites.


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  • ARM / Other lllllllIII
    You will have 0 issues if company is going to support you. Everything should be paid/covered by them, you will get letter and all required paperwork done.
    Sep 23 0
  • Microsoft / Eng RoLF71
    You're traveling for business.

    Do you need a visa to do this? Anywhere I have been hasn't required one.
    Sep 22 0
  • Tapjoy / Data

    Tapjoy Data

    Ex- data scientist at the mobile advertising firm Tapjoy. Worked here for about a year after graduating from school. Laid off because of cost cutting.
    Worst case, ask them to do it over video instead of going onsite... Some companies do end up doing this...
    Sep 23 1
    • New / Eng new_man
      I've just told my recruiter, I hope they suggest this otherwise i'll have to drop em
      Sep 23
  • Palantir IWSJ38
    Where are you now? Where is your home country/passport? Company will sponsor you to UK if hired, usually.
    Sep 28 0


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