Notice Period?

Pharmacyclics WXbV35
Mar 8 8 Comments

Do you show up in the office on notice period?
In CA it’s ‘At Will’ employment and you can potentially leave without any notice. I was nice and gave 2 weeks notice and completed all the transition in week 1. My manager wants me to show up in office and work on some additional development!?!.. should I just brush him off? What’s your behavior like while serving notice period? I have always had issues with this Indian manager nagging me and showing authority. I should have quit without notice. 😁


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  • Morgan Stanley flkxx
    Just show up and not do anything. Nothing you do will be of quality anyway since you're already leaving. No decent manager would give you any real work.
    Mar 8 0
  • New / Eng 0xBD
    Show up and do a good work. However, do not do any overtime and generally chill, relax and exchange contacts with folks you dont mind working with in the future.
    Mar 8 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Be a professional and leave on professional terms.
    Mar 8 0
  • New / Ops

    New Ops

    Rakuten USA
    Show up and do a good job. No sense burning a bridge.
    Mar 8 0
  • Microsoft 4655434b
    Notice is never mandatory... if you don’t want to burn any bridges, it’s a good practice to adhere to
    Mar 8 2
    • Pharmacyclics WXbV35
      At some places it is mandatory if specified in the offer letter.
      Mar 8
    • Microsoft 4655434b
      In the US such thing does not exist...
      Mar 9
  • Squarespace pNCA76
    There is no defined “notice period” in the US. You told them “I’m quitting in two weeks”. That means “I’m working another two weeks.” You’re still getting paid. Show up, do good work until the end. If you didn’t want to work another two weeks, then why did you tell them you would?

    For what it’s worth, two weeks is the bare minimum, especially as you get more senior. Giving two weeks is not “nice,” it’s the minimum to be considered professional / responsible.
    Mar 8 0