Notification badge not going away

Amazon / Eng


Dec 16, 2018

There’s this constant badge with a number sticking up over the blind icon and there’s nothing I can find where I have any unread notifications to show up. This is irritating, can somebody know what may make this go away.

I know I can switch off in iOS Notification Settings but I don’t want to to that. I am looking for something to mark I’ve read the current set of notifications and updated myself on the latest.

Notification badge not going away


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  • Amazon Redux
    Whoever redesigned this app and hid the notification icon all the way within the settings is terrible.
    Dec 16, 20180
  • Microsoft The PFJ
    Stop touching yourself and it will go away
    Dec 16, 20180
  • Microsoft / EngTier 1
    You have notifications turned on for blind?
    Dec 16, 20180
  • / DesignD.sign
    Hit the 3 dot nav button on the bottom right. Then the notification bell is on the top left.

    @Redux is right, whoever put it there is terrible.
    Dec 16, 20180

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