"Now, economists have argued that such intensive pushy parenting can bring life-changing benefits to children"

Chase / Eng ghosted!
Feb 10 11 Comments


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  • Intel NM.Enchant
    Changed my life completely when I went No Contact with my extremely narcissistic and controlling parents, that’s for sure
    Feb 10 3
    • Microsoft 🚊🎱⚾️
      So true
      Feb 10
    • Microsoft tlKM06
      Feb 10
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      You know I’d do anything for you.
      I can relate. The more attention you give such a parent, the more toxic and controlling they become.
      Feb 10
  • Google / Eng Mr Glass
    Dumb social science researchers again as usual lol - correlation != Causation. Sigh. The parents who are likely to push their kids and do helicopter parenting are unlikely to be unemployed or living in trailer parks. They're likely to be in successful careers with great networks. Might that explain the success of their kids to a greater extent? Of course.
    Feb 10 1
    • Microsoft Desitechie
      Are you sure that you didn't compare it with other employed reasonably well to do parents?
      While I agree it is a lot easier to be a social scientist than a STEM researcher, but I dunt think they can be that dumb
      Feb 10
  • Microsoft laug
    False. No data behind it, most of the helicopter parenting is familiar with Asian. I do see a lot more Asian kids going well in school. A good leading indicator that they will do well in career.
    Feb 10 0
  • Amazon / R&D ATTE75
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  • Bloomberg


    Bloomberg LP
    Economists?? 😂
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  • Amazon fIBOqmzSNT
    Daily Mail :) LOL
    Feb 11 0
  • EMC asculto
    Economist1 view != Economist2 view. Wait a month and you will have 180 degree perspective / ‘findings’.
    Feb 10 0