Now is the time - Degree from US !

Epsilon ySPg80
May 17 19 Comments

For all visa holders not having any degree from the US!

Do you think that now, when the tilt is towards a merit based point system where you will be assigned points for your education, having a degree from a college here is necessary?

Recently, USCIS made a change in rule that more H1b cases would be picked up from the advance category pool and it makes sense. This rule has already been implemented this year.

I have even seen working people already on h1b taking online masters course to make their immigration case stronger in front of the USCIS getting secured for future.

I am about to change my job and my wife (Masters from US) is asking me to take an online Ms course for the reasons mentioned above. Do you guys think its worth?



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TOP 19 Comments
  • LinkedIn madnesssss
    Immigration is towards who come in illegally. You should consider joining the caravan. You will then certainly have the dems fighting for you
    May 17 2
    • New 120dB
      lol, that’s so true. they don’t care about the people working for all these great companies, they can wait in line 100years for a GC
      May 17
    • New / Eng / ÷
      Yep, joining a caravan makes total sense. You can get your asylum rejection much faster than 100 years.
      May 17
  • Google SonJnow
    MS degree is totally worth it.

    There are other advantages. Don't do it just for immigration.
    May 17 8
    • Salesforce curious01
      Are u going to leave your job and shell out a ton for MS ?
      May 20
    • Epsilon ySPg80
      Nope. Colleges these days provide online courses. The degrees have the same value like on prem classes
      May 20
    • Google BrokenBran
      Other advantages except immigration?

      A big one is Connections.
      People under estimate it. But it's a big advantage if you wanna do something other than job or employment.

      Second one is - alumni network goes a long way with venture capitalists etc.
      May 20
    • Salesforce curious01
      Where did u do your masters ?
      May 20
    • Google BrokenBran
      That would give away my identity.

      But one of the top 15 in US news ranking.
      May 20
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Cisco, Yahoo, Intel Corporation
    What makes you think the proposal has any chance of making through in the foreseeable future
    May 17 1
    • Epsilon ySPg80
      Not just the merit based immigration that recently came up. I mean to say in general that immigration is inclining in the direction of you having a degree here or not.
      May 17
  • Intel yabadabadu
    I haven't heard of any USCIS rule that it will pick more H1B's from the advanced degree quota. They did reverse the order in which the h1b are picked ( earlier it was advanced degree and then regular quota; now it's the other way around). Is that what you meant?
    May 17 1
    • Microsoft horizontal
      Now us masters holder gets counted in both advanced degree and regular quota. So they have double the chance of winning lottery.
      May 17
  • Facebook / Eng Iru
    Online MS? Sounds like a scam.
    May 17 1
  • Marvell elkimpact
    Doing MS regardless....should’ve done it 2 yrs ago.
    May 17 0