. Now time for background check .

Wells Fargo fin2tech
May 23 3 Comments

I've been asked to fill out forms for background verification. Shall I just go ahead and change the company names to the consulting companies I had worked through? My experience is legit but not the company names since they were clients.


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  • Microsoft Rhino
    Whatever is on your W2s
    May 23 0
  • Amazon dafuq™
    Read your paycheck and/ or w2, it has the fein and employer name. Use that!
    May 23 0
  • Salesforce MYGc66
    They more than likely use a third party for the background check and I doubt the manager or anyone involved at the company will look at the info. Kinda risky, but hey, you made it this far lol
    May 23 0