Nvidia & Adobe referrals -ML & AI

Amazon / R&D hvJc07
Sep 20 10 Comments

Hi ,
I’m looking for Nvidia and Adobe referrals .
Newgrad from Top 5 CS schools , with specialization in ML and AI .


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  • Roku cruella
    Why Adobe and Nvidia specifically?
    Sep 20 8
    • Roku cruella
      Sep 20
    • New vxFX54
      Don't you need a PhD to break into the ever elusive ML domain ?

      PS - If you don't mind me asking, where did you do your masters ?
      Sep 20
    • Amazon / R&D hvJc07
      Carnegie Mellon . I worked as an AS Intern this summer at Amazon. Given the demand vs the rate at which PhDs are produced , specialized masters is the solution
      Sep 20
    • New vxFX54
      That's awesome.
      All the best
      Sep 20
    • Adobe dFks64
      DM for Adobe with links to position from the career site.
      Sep 25
  • NVIDIA raytracr
    Yo DM me to see what position suits you
    Sep 20 0


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