Nvidia Room finding Application?

Intuitive Surgical clementine
Feb 4 3 Comments

Hello, I have heard that Nvidia uses a room finding application from Intelligroups for their campus that uses Beacons for indoor tracking. If you work there and have used this, what is your feedback on this application,would you recommend it or not and why?


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Nvidia crash+burn
    Pretty crappy, almost never works
    Feb 4 0
  • Meh. Itโ€™s okay. I use it for finding the room on a map, but not to use the โ€˜navigationโ€™ because it can never find my own location.
    Feb 5 0
  • Bitglass pythonista
    I am on Android which has longer soak time than IOS, it mostly works, except for certain room in the weird design of Nvidia endeavor building
    Feb 4 0