Nvidia offer evaluation.

VMware ankit62577
Nov 13 8 Comments

I have offer from nvidia (in Santa Clara, GPU R&D team) as follows:
Base: $146k
Stock: $130k/4year
Sign on bonus: $15k

I have 4 years of relevant industrial experience (10 months at nvidia as well, 1.5 year at Qualcomm, and at Adobe. Did summer internship at vmware).
I have 2 masters degree in Comp. Engg. and IT in Robotics field.

Please help in evaluating offer.!

Thanks for being helpful.


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Cisco KdrT11
    Pretty good offer.....but wondering why you have your name as username in blind
    Nov 13 1
    • Cadence Mariposa
      Ha ha rookie mistake
      Nov 13
  • Discover Financial Services qwerty-/:
    Looks like a new grad offer except you have more stocks
    Nov 13 2
    • Apple MvDD54
      Show me a new grad making $146k base
      Nov 13
    • Discover Financial Services qwerty-/:
      I had an offer from them for 146k base.
      Nov 13
  • Samsung ledzep_
    You can ask for more base.
    Nov 13 0
  • Juniper UsA51
    Looks solid...
    Nov 13 0
  • Intel DV_GUY
    Solid offer
    Nov 13 0


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