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Nvidia lkjhgcds
May 7 7 Comments

How is Qualcomm doing after the recent bump? I have been approached by them.
I wouldn’t mind switching but have not heard good stories about Qualcomm in the past couple of years.
Also they asked for my expectation (tc) to start the process. Is it normal? What should I do?

(Phd with a 3-4 yoe - bay area)


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  • Nvidia ???NV???
    I doubt QC will be able to afford a 20-30% jump over NV.

    But, I would not let my experience there be the rule of thumb. By all means, interview and get to know the team and work,see if it's exciting.
    What skillset, team will you be talking to ?

    Try to get to know what your current tasks and project will be.

    Dont sweat it out now, go ahead and think more during the process and decide once you have the offer
    May 8 0
  • Qualcomm / Eng llhhh
    If you are interviewing in California, I think you can ask what is the salary for role/level.
    May 9 1
    • Nvidia lkjhgcds
      They asked for my expectation i dont know if i should start a number now?!!
      May 9
  • Nvidia ???NV???
    No way. Run. Ex Qcom at Nvidia
    May 7 0
  • Broadcom Ltd. / Eng

    Broadcom Ltd. Eng

    Intel, Broadcom Ltd.
    They can’t even match Intel grade 9 TC, let alone Nvidia’s TC. Check out my post about their offer. I’m currently at Intel.
    May 10 0
  • Nvidia ECTT56
    Big no to q-commers.

    Maybe get an offer and try a TC raise that way by talking to your manager about staying.
    May 10 0
  • Nvidia lkjhgcds
    Thanks for your response!
    Can you elaborate please? Could it be that some teams are bad?
    What if there is a 20-30% jump in tc?
    May 7 0