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Nortal JumpShips
Sep 11 21 Comments

Looking for some insight into Oracle OCI seattle. Got a verbal IC2 offer recently and currently under negotiations.

I've asked for a bit too much (250k+) without any competing offers but I understand the risk that is involved. It's highly possible that I wont get a matching offer but probably somewhere around 200k. I see the whole stigma and uncertainty around OCI and the layoffs. Would anyone currently at Oracle recommend it?

YOE: 3
TC: 150k


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  • Oracle Tch12
    They hire and fire fast. If you are not a good fit, you will be out in 6 months.
    Sep 11 5
    • Microsoft ajebajehy
      Also, sometimes cut projects that they seem won't work out and lay off the employees.
      Sep 11
    • Nortal JumpShips
      @ajebajehy That's been my major worry. Why not reuse these employees elsewhere?
      Sep 11
    • Nortal JumpShips
      @tch12 I understand the hire and fire quick rule but any insights on teams being laid off eventually because business doesn't seem the need for them anymore?
      Sep 11
    • Microsoft mjugcdrfxk
      The most recent major layoff was several teams were cut due to project/product closure/merge with other teams.
      Sep 11
    • Oracle Tch12
      The thing is you won’t be able to predict which teams are going to be cut. The people leading OCI are not people with any executive experience, so they are wrong a lot in the bets they make. With recession coming I would make smart choices and stay away from unstable organizations
      Sep 11
  • Oracle cc’ed
    My org just laid off really talented people deeming their projects not valuable and we’re now searching for engineers again. A bunch of people at the top level who really don’t know what they’re doing. They’re trying different things. It might work, might not work - more or trial and error.

    If you can handle uncertainty and risk, join. Else stay away.
    Sep 11 10
    • Oracle mRHk02
      Layoffs were not just OCI-C. Platform was one of the teams hit.

      OP feel free to DM me if you want want to get team info. If not, my advice is to join only if you:
      1) feel confident you could easily rebound to another job when needed
      2) are joining a OCI core services team
      3) are willing to risk the equity and/or signing bonus portions of your offer
      Sep 13
    • Oracle Tch12
      There were multiple teams in OCI affected not just platform. I agree the core services might be in a better position. However from this year, the bell curve is strictly enforced, so the bottom 20% will be let go end of the year
      Sep 13
    • Microsoft abcdhard
      Bottom 20%? That is harsh
      Sep 13
    • Google / Eng
      Mr TK

      Google Eng

      Mr TKmore
      A performance rating of 1 is not 20%
      Sep 14
    • Oracle fbaith
      What’s considered “core services” ?
      Sep 20
  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    I think the OCI negativity is overblown. There are really only 4 cloud players left. AWS, Azure, OCI, and GCP.

    Obviously OCI and GCP are behind, but Oracle is not going to just give up without a long fight.
    Sep 11 1
    • Nortal JumpShips
      I think IBM is a bit ahead in the fight when compared to GCP/OCI. But I do have a similar feeling about Oracle would put on a tough fight before giving up. Although the posts about OCI firing's does look a little scary.

      My 2 cents from the interview process, they are hiring so rapidly that the hiring manager doesn't have a track of what or whom he has spoken to so far. He repeated same conversation with me thrice.
      Sep 11
  • New / Eng mrpotato
    Layoffs aside, how is the culture at OCI Seattle? It seems like an interesting opportunity to be at the early stages of a new cloud provider.
    Sep 13 1
    • Oracle Tch12
      What do you expect from the culture, when people are constantly thinking about laid off. It used to be great 2 years back. It’s a shit hole now
      Sep 13