OMSCS oversaturating CS market?

Dow Chemical / Eng jChem
Aug 22 9 Comments

I'm looking into an online Master's program in CS. I'm in between
- Georgia Tech - OMSCS (#8 Best Computer Science on US News)
- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - MS CS (#5 Best Computer Science on US News)
- UPenn - Online Master of Computer and Information Technology (#19 Best Computer Science on US News)

I'm leaning more towards Georgia Tech because it's the lowest cost. Their enrollment in Spring 2019 was over 8,000 students. It seems like they're oversaturating the market. The main reason of me wanting to go it's because Georgia Tech has top tech companies at their career fair.

What do you guys think of the program? Would you all still recommend it?


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  • New / Eng bytec
    OMSCS is a tough program with a high attrition rate. Most of those enrollees won’t make it to the end. Don’t sweat the numbers too much.
    Aug 22 3
    • New / Strategy

      New Strategy

      BS MechE, MS ISyE
      This. Yield rate is 60% of acceptance.
      Aug 22
    • New CiOI38
      You mean the wannabes flake out on Calc 3, algorithms , discrete, and automata ? 😀
      Aug 22
    • Dow Chemical / Eng jChem
      That I did not know. Thank you for the feedback
      Aug 22
  • Apple Red4life93
    Don’t think OMS students have access to Georgia Tech’s career services. I’m currently enrolled in their OMS Analytics program and we were told on the 1st day that we wouldn’t really have access to it
    Aug 22 1
  • Moody's HcyS15
    Every entry market is oversaturated. The notion of everyone needs a job doesn't make sense. Also, don't think too much. This is all inevitable.
    Aug 22 0
  • Microsoft 特崀普
    There are still plenty of unfilled SW jobs
    Aug 22 0
  • AT&T MsdR32
    I don't think the market is really that different for MSCS than any other software developers.

    I'm in the OMSCS program, and I would suggest it. I've definitely learned quite a bit and really enjoy the price!
    Aug 22 0


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