Obligatory “Are we in a tech bubble?”

Microsoft MSFTBRO
Jul 9 14 Comments

Slack market cap - 18bn on 400mil revenue
Shopify markte cap - 36bn on 1.2bn revenue
Atlassian market cap - 34bn on 1.1bn revenue
Twilio market cap - 18.3bn on 754m revenue

Twitter is cheap with 29 bn on 3bn revenue


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    • Twitch 2ce
      How is it even attributable to him?
      Jul 9
    • Indeed Scrub 🧽
      If he loses, you'll get a Democratic tax nut.

      Took out a loan? Will pay it back

      Healthcare for aliens? We got that covered

      Limiting the number of aliens with a border? We'll kill the border, and pay to improve the living conditions of other countries in America so they won't need to come to the US. Tax money is the solution, I can do this all day.

      Reparations based on the amount of melanin in your skin? We'll fix it with SWEET MONEY. Don't you know how easy it is to find money?

      Burger flipper can't afford to rent without roommates? We'll fix that by making your boss pay you WAY more. Easy.

      Your building not insulated enough? GND says we'll just rebuild it. All good.

      Debt is climbing? Taxes make it easy, or print money.. either way, it's simple.
      Jul 9
    • New / Other

      New Other

      Did stuff. Hustled hard. Retired
      Totally agree. Brilliant analysis.

      The 10 year bull market run started 2 years ago.
      Jul 10
  • Anaplan / Data dashabi
    Some stocks are traded on future growth and market cap has factored that in.. that doesn’t mean there’s no bubble. Just wait till recession hits..
    Jul 9 1
    • I'm happy with my Ford and Starbucks purchases during the last recession.

      I bought Ford at just over $2/share even though we all knew a government bailout was coming from Obama. Little risk and beautiful reward.
      Jul 9
  • Facebook / Eng flyinhi
    Seems like it
    Jul 9 1
    • Yahoo blpwhr
      It is! See 💬💭🗨️
      Jul 9
  • New GQez44
    Fitbit: 1bn market cap on 1.5bn revenue 🤷‍♂️
    Jul 9 0
    Trickle down economics via Discount coupons and promo codes.
    Jul 9 1
    • Yahoo / Design getAway
      What does trickle down economics mean?
      Jul 9
  • Intuit Indiv. #1
    15x revenue seems reasonable
    Anything over 30x is not
    Jul 10 0
  • GoodRx BobAxelrod
    Companies are basically required by law to use Atlassian if they do any development so can't call them a bubble!
    Jul 9 0
  • Uber / Data Guiliani
    Look at revenue growth and ROIC to get a more complete picture. Solely comparing market cap against revenue can be misleading.
    Jul 9 0
  • Facebook public2
    Market caps are based on expected figure values. The first several companies are growing quickly hence the large valuations. Twitters growth had been flat for many years. Growth company valuations aren't based on revenue or profit.
    Jul 9 0