Oculus work culture

Apr 17

Any insight into what work culture at Oculus looks like?


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  • Intel / Engpleb
    How does the compensation compare to FB ?
    Apr 180
  • OP
    Thanks. Anyone here from Oculus or Facebook that has some insight?
    Apr 171
    • Facebook Blink-182
      I hear it’s pretty different from the rest of fb but I don’t know why
      Apr 17
  • Oracle / Engfacegle
    They are working there asses off to deliver. It's just about the market demands not going up as expected.
    Apr 170
  • Square WtIE00
    A large group of my partner’s old co-workers went over to work for Oculus after their startup was acquired.

    From what I know: Many of them don’t work there anymore. This is considering many didn’t last for more than 1.5 years.

    I don’t know the context exactly regarding why they left but I think it’s telling that it’s not a fit for everyone.
    Apr 170

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