Offer Eval: Quora v.s. Square

New danta
Jan 5 20 Comments

Tc from both companies are comparable: ~220 k, PhD + 2 yoe

Quora: current valuation is 1.8B, there seems to be more upside potential?

Square: company is doing great, stock is liquid.


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  • Tableau Zero Cool
    Sq of course
    Jan 5 0
  • McMaster-Carr AjQQ27
    Off topic, is it a position in ML?
    Jan 5 4
    • New danta
      Jan 5
    • McMaster-Carr AjQQ27
      Then quora. The scope of ML work at quora is much bigger: personalization, spam detection, NLP, CV, targeting etc. I don't know enough about Square product (edit: product roadmap) but I imagine the focus of ML is fraud detection (they're probably building something similar to Stripe radar).
      Jan 5
    • Square / Eng aiset
      Have to say application of ML at SQ is still fairly limited unfortunately.
      Jan 5
    • Square edtk24
      It’s true that fraud (a very broad area) is the most mature ML use case at Square. But I see many teams working on other ML applications. Without commenting on our roadmap or internal projects, I’ll just note that Square currently sends marketing emails, handles customer service inquiries, issues loans, delivers food, scans for security issues, makes a market in bitcoin, and of course moves billions of dollars through various channels. There is no shortage of opportunities to apply ML.
      Jan 5
  • Oath


    Square any day.
    Jan 5 0
  • Square for sure. Quora doesn’t have clear monetization strategy.
    Jan 5 0
  • Twitter 🐒。
    Quora never going IPO
    Jan 5 0
  • Amazon zzpozz
    I would go with square
    Jan 5 0
  • Square / Eng aiset
    Negotiate with SQ. Should be able to get 250 TC. Is it a lvl4 or 5 offer?
    Jan 5 6
    • Square / Eng aiset
      Why not? OP is a PhD. Fresh PhD can get almost 200.
      Jan 5
    • Square / Eng SQ
      Fresh PhD is still L3. We used to up level them, but to no ones surprise they couldn't perform at an L4. 2 YOE would put OP at L4, which isn't in 250k range.
      Jan 5
    • Square / Eng aiset
      Didn't know we started (when?) to place PhDs at L3 now.
      Jan 5
    • Square Jqty44
      220k is pretty high already for phd and 2 years of experience.
      Jan 6
    • Square QhkJ05
      Data scientist PhD starts at L5 according to the career ladder, even straight out of grad school
      Jan 10
  • Marqeta ThDT70
    You could consider other things such as 1) what size organization do you want to be in? 2) what direction do you want to take your career in terms of industry, 3) what’s the specifics of the role and what will give you more interesting problems. Also most importantly, 4) which offer do you think gives you a more talented team and manager to work with? Given your lower YOE, having a good manager and team to develop your skills is going to be really important.

    Not knowing anything else or specifics on the above, would probably bias a bit towards Square given that it’s a great brand name and still growing fast. But again, you need to think hard about what is you want and what you’ll be doing.
    Jan 5 0
  • Dell LMA🌚
    Jan 5 0
  • VMware / Eng andor
    Which level?
    Jan 5 0


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