Offer from JP Morgan and Capital one

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Apr 29 14 Comments

My friend has a new grad offer from JP Morgan for
TC: ~110k

Capital one
TC: ~ 116k-125k

Both are in NYC, I don't know much about the teams im assuming I'd be put on a random team at C1.

Just looking to hear from individuals who work at either company or who have worked there for their experience and opinion.

Thank you!

My TC: 150k ( before the TC police come after me)


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  • Roku smashhulk
    Sounds like it’s you not your friend
    Apr 29 3
    • Bloomberg BackInTime
      Because on an anonymous forum it would make significant difference if it was me or a friend. Good one
      Apr 29
    • Roku smashhulk
      And yet people “ask for a friend” all the time on blind. Also, you switch between third person and first person
      Apr 29
    • Bloomberg BackInTime
      Copy and pasted from his text message
      Apr 29
  • Facebook Instаgram
    On average JPMC >>> Capital One, but depends on group and role. Both companies are on average a shit place for tech career, but have few brighter spots with better talent and challenges.
    Apr 29 5
    • Capital One techguy728
      Idk where you got this from. C1 uses very modern tech and exposes you to loads of different technologies
      May 5
    • Jpmc is Def not better than cap1
      Jun 4
    • Capital One SAW SAGE
      Worked at both for several years and you are so far off lol.
      Real Tech Companies > Capital One > Other Banks is generally agreed upon from people who have worked here
      Jul 24
    • Facebook tweek
      How about at the roles that actually pay well, like quants? Is that even a thing at Cap1? Everything else is too mediocre to compare.

      Few data points that I came across showed JPM having much more $$$ for some of those roles
      Jul 24
    • Capital One SAW SAGE
      Ok that’s fair. I’ve only had experience from the software engineering side where JP is more or less a total shit show. Somehow missed the “depends on role” part in your post.
      Jul 24
  • Capital One tgifr
    I interned at JPM and now working at C1. I think c1 is definitely ahead in terms of technologies and has more of a start up feel to it. As new grad though, you don't get much of a say on which team you will be on, but the company is very generous towards new grads. You have fun events every quarter and you will have a good support system.
    Apr 29 0
  • BNY Mellon Bvwh32
    I used to work at BNYM and a coworker said JPM workers were worse off than BNYM which tells you how bad things are. Heard Capital One in SF is great, only suppose NYC is good too.
    May 1 0
  • SAP gluzer
    Why would you go from 150 TC to 115? Also you will be playing the second fiddle to the dapper front office folks anyways at both places to might as well be insignificant with higher TC
    May 7 0
  • Pison Contents 4irigkskq
    how long did you wait to hear back from JMPC after your onsite?
    Apr 29 0


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