Offer from Unity - worth taking?

Autodesk swe-talker
Apr 28 17 Comments

Salary $180k
Bonus $36k
RSU $200k

The numbers are fine by me but I’m more curious on:
-company potential

Any insight?


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Indeed / Eng Edna S.
    I haven't heard great things about the company progress and recent policy changes seem like they're getting desperate to pay back investors.

    What is the vesting schedule
    Apr 28 2
    • Autodesk swe-talker
      Standard 4 yr w/ 1 year cliff
      Apr 28
    • Autodesk swe-talker
      What policy changes you referring to
      Apr 28
  • Unity grassyass
    We offer bonus now?
    May 4 1
    • Unity / R&D

      Unity R&D

      WP Engine
      Yeah, is this a signing bonus or an annual bonus?
      May 24
  • Unity yrvgfc
    We offer RSUs now?
    Apr 29 1
    • Unity / Mgmt thugelmo
      Yeah depends on level and org
      Apr 29
  • New / Eng google⠀
    The growth of Unity will be proportional to the growth of the Indie gaming industry and computer vision to some extent. The community is pretty decent, mostly geeky and the offer doesn't look bad either
    Apr 28 0
  • Unity / HR vbSV53
    Stop lying Unity does not offer RSUs
    2d 0
  • Unity / Mgmt thugelmo
    It defends, swe on what team?
    Apr 29 0
  • 🍿
    Apr 28 0
  • Cimpress / Eng GBmf58
    Dang, I didn't think anything even moderately related to game industry actually paid a decent software engineer salary
    Apr 29 1
    • Microsoft plistbuddy
      I hear Epic pays pretty well
      Apr 29
  • Microsoft no-sql
    Apr 28 1
  • Microsoft plistbuddy
    What’s the outlook of Autodesk? Do you have other offers?
    Apr 28 0
  • Uber / Eng

    Uber Eng

    Capital One
    I heard the options strike price is a $2 difference from the current value
    Apr 28 0