Offer from opendoor - need advice

LinkedIn jkiop
Jan 6 10 Comments

Have an eng offer. How is the company doing? I have heard that they have very ambitious expansion plans. There is always some risk with startups but Is opendoor a startup that is a good bet?


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  • OpenDoor / Eng MhBB55
    Feel free to ping me as well with YOE + #s and any specific questions for my opinion as well. Mostly agree with what has already been posted - low-risk (you won’t be out of a job any time soon) but we don’t pay *that* well in SF compared to other companies. Work is pretty interesting imo (at least, my work is - YMMV depending on interests and your team assignment).

    We’re too late stage for you to really make out like a bandit most likely, but one day you’ll probably have a decent cash out if you stick it out. .
    Jan 7 4
    • Amadeus Trick2g
      So basically wait around for the day you go ipo and make just base pay in the meantime whereas people in publicly traded companies make their fortune and retire. That’s why I chuckle at people boasting about their big tc when most of it is paper money and all they are making in reality is the base pay. Good luck trying to afford a house and putting your kids through college with that.
      Jan 7
    • OpenDoor / Eng MhBB55
      Why do you sound so mad? If someone can live on a less-than-stellar salary waiting for a company to IPO and get a million dollar payday, what’s wrong with that?

      There are other reasons to join startups like Opendoor as well. Impact is important to a lot of people and startups provide huge opportunity for impact. Someone with a unicorn on their resume who can talk about making a large impact on a unicorn-sized business is well-set to find their next job or three.
      Jan 8
    • Amadeus Trick2g
      Sure mate. Keep waiting. What are the odds of anyone actually getting paid out on their options with open door? What about the opportunity cost of missing out on getting paid fat publicly traded Rsu’s in other companies? And the impact you are talking about is just the kool aid that the company makes you drink while you fill their pockets and get nothing but worthless options in return. These startups are a waste of time. The real money is in the publicly traded companies.
      Jan 9
    • OpenDoor / Eng MhBB55
      The odds are pretty good imo. Opportunity cost isn’t relevant to me for a number of reasons, but most importantly money isn’t everything.

      Again, why do you seem so mad about a choice other people want to make?
      Jan 9
  • Amadeus Trick2g
    Tc or gtfo. No one will give you serious answers until you share the offer. Help others out with the offer information and then expect help in return.
    Jan 6 0
  • Nextdoor / Mktg Z5gk3z
    Post the numbers here. This is Blind.
    Jan 6 0
  • OpenDoor Yyyyyyyyy
    Ping me with your numbers and I'll opine. Tldr we're not high risk for a startup and a good bet, but we're also cheap. Very unlikely the offer we give you will beat out all your offers and be an obvious "yes"
    Jan 6 0
  • Unity newyrnewtc
    No one can answer you without TC # and valuation
    Jan 7 0
  • Blizzard others
    Offer breakdown?
    Jan 6 0