Offer letter to HR? Allowed? Risky?

Intel azbycw
Nov 12 18 Comments

I work at Intel.
I have received offer from Amazon.
Told my manager. He is asking for offer letter from Amazon to send to HR for a competing counter offer. Am I allowed to send the offer letter pdf from Amazon to Intel HR?
Any insight would be appreciated.
Thanks .


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  • New / Other 🎃 🤖 face
    I’d never do this
    Nov 12 3
    • Indeed / Eng inzeed
      This comment is worthless until you give a reason why.
      Nov 12
    • SAP ymb33
      You never reveal your cards upfront when negotiating. That's giving them the upper hand right away. If HR & your manager are so keen on retaining you, they should be able to work with verbal numbers you give them - numbers that YOU want them to work with, not numbers that they will try to minimally match, because they've still "matched your offer".
      Nov 12
    • New / Other 🎃 🤖 face
      Nov 12
  • American Express Asta Luego
    It is a confidential agreement between you and another company that should not be shared with a 3rd party.
    If they dont trust you, you shouldn't stay anyway.
    Nov 12 0
  • New / Design ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I have in the past and it was fine. It might be good to remove certain stuff. You can redact with acrobat if you have it.
    Nov 12 2
    • Intel azbycw
      Nov 12
    • New / Design ⭐️⭐️⭐️
      @az. I suggest googling it too (I’m not a lawyer or in HR) but from my super quick google looks like it’s fine to share and you’re not obligated to keep your compensation private.

      When I have shared in the past no one was weirded out by it and it had only helped me since it was pushing me over the top of the band. I have redacted certain portions (team, recruiter etc).
      Nov 12
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Why are they unwilling to take you at your word? They are implying that you are a liar.

    Tell them what it would take for you to stay, that’s all they need to know.
    Nov 12 0
  • Intel / Legal sue_you
    Why do u want to stay at Intel ? What grp are u in ? Just GTFO, it's a sinking ship
    Nov 12 0
  • Google lSjX80
    I don’t do this. Instead I tell them it’s a verbal offer and tell them whatever numbers you want them to match.

    Many places don’t even do written offers until you verbally accept because of this kind of thing.
    Nov 12 0
  • Cadence working12
    Tc at amzn and intel?
    Nov 12 0
  • Intel xoSB11
    I have done this in the past. There were no consequences. Intel won’t match Amazon but they will counter and try to keep you. If you like your job/manager, then do it and see what they come back with.
    Nov 12 0
  • Cadence / Product

    Cadence Product

    No need. Just give them your comp package split if you want a counter offer
    Nov 12 0
  • Xandr wotiotson
    The replies in here make me legitimately disappointed.

    They will use the letter to price you and also to give it to corporate. Many moderately sized and above companies require HR to get approval from finance prior to making a counter offer. Finance is very literal and concrete. They might not care about it if you're incredibly valuable, but if you are just above average and not amazing they will likely ask HR, who will ask your manager, who will then ask you.
    Nov 12 1
    • New / Design ⭐️⭐️⭐️
      I mean only do it if it’ll benefit you.

      I was one of the ones who mentioned I showed mine. First I never felt like any of the recruiters didn’t take my word for it. Second the time I shared mine was from google.

      Google downleveled me and my other offer (FAANG) was higher level and over Google’s band. Definitely consistent with The recruiter said having the offer could help push finance. So I shared it. Also mine wasn’t an “official” offer since they didn’t give it unless you verbally commit.
      Nov 12
  • Intel intel-guy
    Nov 14 0
  • Intel intel-guy
    You don’t have to send it, in my case my manager bites my numbers and both him and HR were ok
    Nov 14 0


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