Okta's architecture and glassdoor rating

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Sep 17 10 Comments

1. Why does Okta's rating drop to 2.3 in Glassdoor when you filter for "Software Engineer", "Full Time Employee". https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Reviews/Okta-Reviews-E444756.htm

2. One of the con mentioned there is that they have a 'monolothic' architecture. Is there any reason for not moving to micro service based architecture. or is it that their product requires a 'monolith' architecture.

3. How much learning have you gained working as Senior Software Engineer at Okta?


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  • We've been breaking apart the monolith for a while

    Some pieces break off cleaner and faster than others. Some people - especially juniors - complain it wasn't done years ago when they don't realize that shipping is more important than things no one outside sees.
    Sep 17 2
    • Google foony
      There's no way that's the only explanation for a 2.3
      Sep 17
    • Shifting deadlines and other things but the "omg a monolith!" is just whining
      Sep 17
  • Okta is sales driven, Eng leadership is below avg. I’m part of the Eng team as well
    Sep 17 3
    • Microsoft userg7
      Does that mean there is relatively lesser scope for learning & growing on the Engineering side?
      Sep 17
    • Microsoft userg7
      How is the quality of the tech stack used internally? Does it add value to your experience? Any interesting challenges in terms of scalability that you face?
      Sep 17
    • Okta filikili
      It completely depends on the team, org and how good your manager is. It’s across the spectrum. There is some exciting stuff on the product side, but again depends on where you land.
      Sep 19
  • Rakuten / Ops

    Rakuten Ops

    Rakuten USA
    Obligatory: YoE 20, TC 41k. Such is life for us non-SWE office monkeys!
    Is 2.3 exceptionally low? (I ask because my employer is at about 2.6 over hundreds of reviews if you limit your search to the HQ.)
    Sep 18 0
  • Bloomberg 1048482919
    Atinlay is (or was) a manager at Okta. That should fully explain the 2.3 star rating.
    Sep 17 0
  • Okta mijjdyy35
    Okta has a few micro-services. Yes, the core is a monolith but that’s what has allowed us to provide customer value, and hence success. We don’t necessarily do what’s “cool” or “fashionable” and only if really warrants it from a technical perspective. With regards to the stack, we’re mostly a JAVA shop on AWS (and ruby for ops) but we’ve acquired some expertise in Go and diversifying a little. At the end of the day though, we’re mostly product driven and it’s hard to do things like create useful OSS and the kind.
    Oct 4 0


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