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Olympic National Park

Axon notnot7
Mar 10

Is it a good time to visit the Olympic National Park?
will it be safe to drive there?
should I take my 2010 old car or should I rent a newer powerful car in case of snow?


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  • Akamai Technologies dut
    I visited last weekend. Took toyota sienna for rental since we were 6 people. You can visit with any car. There is no snow on the roads except hurricane ridge. So driving to hurricane will be challenging but I saw lot of honda civics driving. No chains are required.

    I visited hoh rain forest, ruby beach and stay the day cresent lake and hurricane ridge. I hiked in rain forest and hurricane ridge.
    Mar 101
  • Facebook Probe
    2010? that's a junker car bro.
    Mar 103
    • Microsoft lolololo
      I have a 2007 😅
      Mar 10
    • Indeed ackxhpaez
      Mar 10
    • Microsoft hümänkïnd
      I have a 1986 vanagon. I would chose it anytime over my 2018 other German car...
  • Uber jhuhj
    Mar 102
    • Axon notnot7
      Is this a good time to go?
      Mar 10
    • Apple jirbfhbdd
      Jupiter is nice 👍
      Mar 10
  • Boeing mSQV31
    Where in the park are you trying to go? That matters.
    Mar 100

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