On chopping block of Tesla layoffs

AIG Raging
Feb 19 10 Comments

Is any company hiring Ex-Tesla mechanical engineers?

A good friend of mine has gotten ample hints that she is on the chopping block.


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  • Tesla t3$l@
    Moving internally at Tesla is very easy. Specially right now as we are barely hiring.
    Feb 203
    • Microsoft FBisEvil
      Your CEO is posting more lies on Twitter yesterday. FSD by the end of the year yet again! He says you’ll be able to fall asleep by the end of 2020. What a crock.

      Not to mention he said Tesla will produce 500k cars this year. Your new legal counsel resigned overnight after only two months on the job after these tweets. Jajajajjajaja 😂😂😂😂
      Feb 20
    • Tesla XDbw83
      To be honest elon is lying. We will probably have legal FSD at the end of this quarter and 700k cars at the end of this year!
      Feb 21
    • Microsoft FBisEvil
      I hear unicorns don’t exhale co2 as well
      Feb 21
  • Amazon 🍪cutter
    Feb 190
  • Tesla 4 L 0 M
    I'd be checking out Rivian too with that Amazon money.
    Feb 190
  • Tesla p3dsane
    Apple is also hiring mechanical engineers, anything from their consumer line to special projects.
    Feb 211
    • Google whaat
      Just curious, do they need people with automobile background or they just need a regular engineer who knows mechanical stuff
      Apr 7
  • Tesla UCLY72
    Feb 190
  • Microsoft FBisEvil
    Not after that Model 3 fiasco
    Feb 190

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