Onsite Preparation for Google

Amazon bingming
Jan 11 10 Comments

Aside from powering through LeetCode, does anyone have suggestions on how to prepare for the Google onsite? This would be for T3/T4 scope.


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  • Roku ________
    Even more leetcode
    Jan 11 0
  • If you have premium, do all of the Google questions. At least 1 or 2 q will show up.
    Jan 11 1
    • Microsoft alex5
      All the google Leetcode == 700/900 questions....
      Jan 11
  • Oath


    Jan 11 0
  • Chase tjPE83
    Yoe? Dont forget sys design man
    Jan 11 4
    • Amazon bingming
      Under 2, I was told I would not get system design unless I was over 5 years
      Jan 11
    • Google / Eng
      ipa guy

      Google Eng

      ipa guymore
      That should mean you're interviewing at T3 and not T4.

      T4 should include some system design.
      Jan 11
    • New OwjS77
      My friends have had code review rounds for L4
      Jan 11
    • Chase tjPE83
      Ok that means im interviewing for L3 as well. Just confirmed with my recruiter that there will be no sys design lol... L3 with 6yoe... thx google
      Jan 11
  • Microsoft booBo
    Ask your recruiter if you ll have Design interview
    Jan 11 0

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