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Visa Imperfect
May 14 3 Comments

Had a onsite interview with a company. The hiring manager had less time, so he gave me a system design question as a home assignment. Also its not a simple system design assignment, it needs lot of research. Not sure if its usual. I have 2 offers in hand, but was more tempted for this company.i also have few more on-sites scheduled. Not sure if its worth spending time on the home assignment.


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  • GoDaddy gd7ejdn
    After spending more time than I should have on take home interview stuff, I refuse those on a matter of principle. Lots of jobs out there, better use of your time to line up another phone screen
    May 14 1
  • Here is the perspective from the other end of the table:

    In my 30ppl startup, we ask candidates to work on the take-home exercise. After the exercise, our hiring process is not super stressful .

    The candidates who have enthusiasm and excitement for the position would happily do the exercise. Others will move on to the next company. This actually filters out almost 70% of the noise and we only get the candidates who love to get shit done and are looking forward to working with us (or the ones who didn't do well in interviews elsewhere).

    So far, we offered competing salary to right candidates based on their performance in the exercise and they already started feeling like coworkers when they come for the onsite.

    Now, in your case, if you feel like the hiring company doesn't have the common practice of first giving the exercise but you were the only one given the exercise, then it's probably a waste of your time because by finishing up the exercise, you're not winning against other candidates here. You just happened to get the exercise because Mr. Hiring Manager was too busy. There's still going to be another set of interviews to go through and you already have few offers.
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