Onsite interview @ Apple

Synopsys yTXC76
Jun 26 14 Comments

What to expect for asic verification onsite interview at Apple?

what are the best ways to prepare?


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  • Nvidia monolith_
    Cracking Digital VLSI Verification Interview - Ramdas Mozhikunnath . You will thank me later.
    Jun 26 2
    • Intel / Eng i76700k
      This is a great book to start with and probably the only book for DV engineer interview. I feel this book only covers the basics and great book to let you pass the screening but not the onsite interview..
      Jun 26
    • Apple / Eng

      Apple Eng

      Intel Corporation
      I did a bunch of interviews recently. I read this book carefully once and did a much quicker read the night before each interview. I think it helped a lot and I landed multiple offers.
      Jun 26
  • TI


    HP Inc, AMD
    HDL SCH GDS etc.
    ASIC Verification people are very hard to find and hire. As long as you know what you are doing you should get an offer. Best advice is to get a good night’s sleep. If you are flying from the east coast give yourself time to adjust to the time change. I got a last minute call from Rockwell Semiconductor Newport Beach asking if I could take a flight that landed at 11:30 PM. I quickly answered it was fine as I was routinely staying up past midnight while in graduate school before I remembered the time change. The next morning I woke at my normal east coast ttime and showed up very early for the interviews. By lunch I was just too tired to perform at well and didn’t get an offer not from answering what I thought they asked rather than what they actually wanted to know. After that experience I made sure to adjust properly ahead of time and ended up with three open offers at once from my next three interviews including Qualcomm San Diego and Hewlett-Packard Bay Area. You already know your stuff. Just relax and talk about what you know and demonstrate it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know everything. Sometimes they want to see how you process or where they should start you off.
    Jun 26 1
    • Qualcomm qatq
      Some interviewers may ask tricky questions, and just know what you're doing is not enough
      Jun 26
  • Apple


    Best way to prepare: Apple Watch, apple shirt, iPhone, don’t take your AirPods out, have your resume open on your iPad, don’t forget your MacBook, and make sure to have Designed by Apple to place on the interview table. #jobsecured
    Jun 26 1
    • Google shsf
      I went with my Android phone, chrome pixelbook, mbp running chrome browser, and talked about how awesome Google Assistant and Google maps ares. Recruiter never called me back lol
      Jun 26
  • Google


    I once served 5TB
    Bring your own JTAG tools and logic analyzer
    Jun 26 0
  • Oracle donnyboy
    Apple wlb is shit. And ppl feel too entitled. I wouldn’t work there ever!
    Jun 28 0
  • Intel lrce16
    Be ready with assertions, constraints, all UVM topics , polymorphism
    Jun 26 0
  • Intel / Design bw_91939
    Is this the screening? I have been asked everything between verilog coding, assertions, concepts of OOP, in different onsite screens.
    Jun 26 0
  • Finisar


    Intel Corporation, Apple, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Broadcom Inc., Xilinx, NXP Semiconductor, AMD, Western Digital
    I went for onsite. They asked me a lot on assertions. Almost 50-70% of the total interviews were concentrated on assertions. May be it’s because of the team
    Jun 26 0
  • Qualcomm / Eng

    Qualcomm Eng

    Intel Corporation
    Apple is hiring crazily for silicon development...
    Jun 26 0
  • Synopsys / Design

    Synopsys Design

    Vlsi verification emulation architecture
    What YOE. Interview depends a lot on that
    Jun 26 0