Opinion on ML at these startups

Salesforce lozere
Jan 10

Was reached out by the following startups for positions of lead ml engineer/ chief data scientist. Just wanted opinions on how they are doing, whether it's a good career move.

Course hero
Didi labs

I've eliminated those I wouldn't want to consider. Current TC is approx 230k in cash, 320k total. LMTS at Salesforce/ ML.

Personally I'd like to join open AI, even with lesser TC, but I don't want to interview there first. But open AI is probably the only place I'd go for lesser TC.


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  • Uber


    Google, Facebook
    afterbang more
    how is mixpanel these days
    Feb 200
  • Axtria DesiLaunda
    'Didi labs' got me rolling 😂
    Jan 100
  • Gusto Polf
    What is the role at Gusto? How much of your time do you want to spend on people management & leadership vs IC contributions?
    Jan 150

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