Opportunities in Europe?

New PPdP68
Jul 21 4 Comments

I am looking for alternatives to Google Zurich in my continent. Anything that is close to 80% TC of Google Zurich, if something like that exists here?


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  • Google / Eng fsck
    There's also Facebook, Apple and Microsoft in Zurich. All are rather small remote offices, but I'm sure they can afford to match Google TC. The rest of IT in Switzerland won't, except maybe for short term contracting

    Next there's London. TC is definitely less and high taxes, but you have a lot more choice there and hedge funds can easily beat Google TC there
    Jul 21 1
    • New PPdP68
      Interesting, can you give me some information about those hedge funds?
      Jul 21
  • Salesforce grv54fd
    The London Fintexh scene can get you TC up to 150k £ . Have a Look on LinkedIn
    Jul 21 1
    • Alibaba Group / Eng cGQE02
      Which fintech company could offer tc up to 150k?citadel 2sigma or jane street?
      Aug 9