Oracle BMC Director PM Total Compensation

Microsoft King O' 🍻
Feb 18, 2018 14 Comments

What is the total compensation offer for Oracle BMC Seattle offer for Director level in PM/TPM? I think internally it's M4 level at Oracle. I'm expecting an offer and the word on the street is that they pay EXTREMELY well. Do they go to $500k? What's realistic to target?


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  • Amazon Hdhdhb
    Dude , a L6 at Amazon joined L67 at MS last week from my team (product management)
    Feb 18, 2018 7
    • Amazon 678$&@
      I don’t care what you have seen or not, I am telling what my L6 ex teammate joined as
      Feb 19, 2018
    • Amazon 678$&@
      And have several other examples too- these were folks with more than 2 or 3 years in L6 and knew they won’t make the cut to L7. L7 is a pretty big deal at Amazon. We have had Sr directors and VP’s from large companies join as L7’s (or L6) at Amazon
      Feb 19, 2018
    • Microsoft parabola
      Seems like you didn’t get my point. In other words I am saying either you and/or your friend is a liar. Hope that makes sense - with warm regards.
      Feb 19, 2018
    • Amazon 678$&@
      I don’t want to get your point because I know they joined as level 67. Hope you get your facts right. Best Regards
      Feb 19, 2018
    • Microsoft parabola
      Stop misguiding people, you are a liar
      Feb 19, 2018
  • Google je
    Oracle BMC can go as high as 380k for a PMTS position (based on the recent offer one of my friends got). Director is two levels above PMTS. So 500k+ is totally possible.
    Mar 3, 2018 1
    • Microsoft / Eng

      Microsoft Eng

      Hate coding quizzes but studying hard for better future!
      If your friends moved from Google, that may not apply to others for example someone moving from small company. Even Microsoft pays a lot to the engineers coming from Google.
      Mar 6, 2018
  • 500k for director i'd imagine is possible
    Feb 18, 2018 3
    • Microsoft King O' 🍻
      Oracle has title inflation. A director is like L7 Amazon or Microsoft 66
      Feb 18, 2018
    • Microsoft jdfw70
      How would the 500k be broken down?
      Feb 18, 2018
    • Oracle


      Close to 50% salary and 50% equity.
      Feb 22, 2018


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