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Oracle Seattle WLB

Microsoft Batman007
Mar 12

How is WLB at Oracle Seattle OCI? I know that it varies depending on team. But as compare to Microsoft Azure how is that? I have an offer from OCI TC 300k which is much more then what I currently make. I don’t want to screw up my personal life very bad. Is it like Amazon or little lite as compare? I had worked at Amazon in past. Just looking for some pointers.

IC4, 8 YOE



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  • Oracle Sparty
    WLB is great on most teams. On mine, it’s rare to see many folks past 5pm, and it’s a ghost town by 6/630.
    Mar 120
  • Oracle SiXX12
    I'm an IC4, though I'm a TPM not MTS. So with that grain of salt, I will say that I left Amazon to come here, and IC4 life at OCI is much, much improved to L5 life at Amazon.

    If your ONLY qualifiers are TC and WFB, and you already know that TC suits your needs, I don't have much in the way of WLB problems. There are other headaches, but not anything that makes me want to go back to Amazon any time soon.
    Mar 120
  • Oracle sW$-pn
    It’s better than most companies. Including azure by mile.
    Mar 121
    • Yahoo / Eng


      Good to know.
      Mar 12
  • CareZone P|_|N!$H€R
    How much YOE, if you don't mind sharing?
    Mar 122
  • Amazon QTDv24
    Can’t answer your question but curious what role/level if you are able to share
    Mar 121

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