Oracle Seattle to India transfer

Amazon / Eng Jgtw85
Apr 26 6 Comments

Does Oracle allow/encourage/discourage such international transfer?


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  • Oracle ertfds
    From a high cost country to low cost country? Sure, when are you getting on a flight?
    Apr 26 3
    • Amazon / Eng Jgtw85
      I am thinking of joining Oracle in Seattle. I want to keep my option open hence this is a major deciding factor.
      Apr 26
    • Oracle pzd
      Internal transfer at Oracle in general is mired with inane policies. Why join OCI in Seattle if you want to work in India? Just go back and I am sure people will step over each other to hire you.
      Apr 26
    • Oracle poijju
      @Jgtw85 its a good strategy to get good grant here, work for a year and move to transfer.. I have transferred many people back and forth and moving from high cost country to lower cost country is always easier..
      Apr 26
  • Uber noskills
    You initial stock grant doesn't change when you move to any other country.
    Apr 26 0
  • No, it does not
    Apr 26 0


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