Oracle vs AWS?

Oracle blind_date
Jun 15 14 Comments

I work for the big O (Oracle) in the database group. I specialize in db performance.

Got an offer from AWS for the “database speciality solution architect” group. Level 6 position. Good pay (over $300K TC).

Oracle is willing to match AWS offer, salary wise.

For me here are the choices....

For Oracle

1) I know the product in and out
2) More visibility within the org
3) same salary as AWS
4) excellent work life balance


1) No one knows me. Unknown territory. I have to learn the ropes for the first couple of months and then perform to get some recognition.

2) In AWS I will be working on more cutting edge technologies.

3) I am kind of a workaholic. Don’t care about work life balance much, provided there are rewards at the end.

3) I am thinking a 3-4 years stint at AWS will give me more edge down the line in my career?

What say people?

It is a very hard choice for me. Please help.


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  • Accenture sqzlahdgeo
    what tech are you going to work on at “database speciality solution architect” group? RDS?

    and is AWS level 6 the equivalent level you are now at oracle? do you work at real world perf group in oracle?

    i'd go for AWS to get exposed on cutting edge tech but this will be totally different if you are perf tuning focused in oracle
    Jun 15 4
    • Oracle blind_date
      this is “Database speciality solution architect” for RDS Aurora @AWS. Currently I am IC5 at Oracle. Not sure what this maps to in AWS. They have offered me level 6.
      Jun 15
    • Accenture sqzlahdgeo
      i also specialize in db perf, and lately been doing modern data pipelines/DW

      what is the interview process like?
      do you have to answer leetcode questions? or your industry experience in oracle enough to get the job?
      Jun 15
    • Accenture sqzlahdgeo
      and btw what's the base for the 300K TC?
      Jun 15
    • New asdf!
      I just got a couple of questions for you guys.
      1. I just got a verbal offer for IC6(Architect). There is also another position which is M4(Tech Director). Which one should I choose?
      2. What should be the base and other compensations for DC area?
      Sep 9
  • Affirm demol
    I’d say either AWS, because you’ll be less bored, keep skills up for the future; or stick with Oracle but find another constructive way of spending your time to take advantage of the WLB. Volunteering/ political organizing/ maybe even a hobby.
    Jun 15 1
  • IBM 叫爸
    If you stay at oracle you might be marked for the next layoff.
    Jun 15 0
  • Slalom Consulting Samms
    OP - Suggest switch to oracle. It is great that you know the product well and given your work ethic as stated above.. it bodes well for your future. AWS will open up doors for more data as a service kinda work than oracle can. Comp will follow. Focus on AWS May be grow more direct customer exp or set up yourself to products within AWS ( Kinesis/GreenGrass/AI suite) in future.. good luck!
    Jun 15 0
  • Kaiser Permanente QqOm60
    AWS, it’s amazon what else can you say lol. Also, they’re getting the govt grant so you could add that to your resume if you worked on it
    Jun 15 1
    • Amazon discoN
      Did they get govt contract ?
      Jun 15
  • Microsoft Got out
    AWS base salary has a lame cap.
    Jun 15 0
  • Verisk Analytics acloudguru
    To quote Pink Floyd “the moment had arrived.. for killing the past and coming back to life”.. AWS is a really cool and smart tech.. AWS Aurora in a heartbeat.. ✌️
    Jun 15 0
  • New / Eng pedroxido
    If you really have the visibility within the org, then dont lose it and stay. You might have to work a bit harder and prove you dont wanna leave
    Jun 15 0