Orange theory fitness helps in weight loss???

Amazon sksks
Jan 4



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  • Oath / MgmtAtinlay
    Exercise helps with weight loss? Wow!
    Jan 42
    • Microsoft naaam
      You're right. 90% is diet. Only 10 exercise.
      Jan 4
    • Oath / MgmtAtinlay
      Yes. That’s why I said “helps”
      Jan 4
  • Dynatrace WzWW01
    Tried, no good. It’s all cardio . But I stayed fit . Did not shed any weight. Diet is critical also non cardio would help to lose weight
    Jan 42
    • Amazon jtGV66
      It is at most 66% cardio, there is resistance work.
      Jan 4
    • Apple fu manchu
      No way you tried it if you think it’s all cardio. Losing weight is the wrong metric. Lighter fat is replaced with denser muscle. The correct metic is to track your measurements.

      And if you’re not addressing your diet, it’s sort of a moot point of weight loss is the only goal.
      Jan 4
  • Intel chisposo
    Wow. Next we’ll find out water is wet lol
    Jan 41
  • ViaSat / Designmark1650
    Move more and eat less. Doesn't matter how you like to exercise as long as you do it.
    Jan 50
  • Capital One

    Capital One

    I only GG.
    Jan 40
  • Anthem CC’
    Yup. 2019 just started so you’ll end up seeing a lot of people would have enrolled for it.
    Jan 40
  • Microsoft curioususr
    Wow, totally unexpected.
    Jan 40

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