Orange theory or crossfit for weight loss??

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May 13 22 Comments


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  • Apple bossfired
    20% is exercise. 80% is diet.
    May 131
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    • New timber
      This is a good answer. Also let me add, be careful with cross fit, as it seems super intense and there is a good chance one night get injured first
      May 13
    • LinkedIn tLnQ54
      Major props to you at 15% body fat
      May 14
  • Oath FuRRyRoad
    Personally I prefer the Watermelon Hypothesis over the orange theory.
    May 141
  • Intel / EngWho.Dis
    CrossFit if you have a powerlifting / Olympic lifting / athletic background. You will need to simultaneously be exhausted and perform technical lifts properly to prevent injury.

    Do orange theory fitness if your athletic background is limited to a joystick.

    Talking about diet - never, ever, ever enter the middle of a grocery store. 100% of the shopping should occur in the outer edge or first/last aisle. Fresh produce, meats from the deli, frozen section. Don’t eat American breads, processed garbage in the middle of the store, sugars in boxes, and food that doesn’t look like an animal muscle or actual leaf/stalk/fruit/vegetable of a plant
    May 145
    • Indeed *NDEED
      Non-American breads are better?
      May 14
    • Intel / EngWho.Dis
      It’s going to vary amongst brands / marketing, but American breads will have a lot more sugar added.

      I occasionally buy French baguettes that don’t have added sugars. It has just flour, yeast, salt, and water.
      May 14
    • Apple bossfired
      Who.Dis know it well. Bow 🙇
      May 14
    • Intel / EngWho.Dis
      I lost ~80 pounds by doing diet + high intensity exercise. I had always been a primarily year round athlete since about 3. It’s extremely true that diet has the greater impact. Once I jump started my metabolism with CrossFit for about 2 years, I stopped and continued to lose weight for 4 years with diet.
      May 14
    • Square / EngkTtI24
      On the topic of bread, Ezekiel Bread is your friend.
      May 14
  • LinkedIn 黃帝
    Put down fork
    May 140
  • Amazon / EngxgIO00
    The one that is closer to you
    May 130
  • Procore tbradysuxs
    Try to do something you can sustain. If you lose the weight too fast you lose muscle mass as well and if you gain the weight back you will be more “fatty” and it will be harder to lose. These really low carb diets are good if that’s what you want to do for ever. If not, eat better overall, have a cheat day once per week (don’t go crazy but eat that pizza if you want etc) and exercise at least 4-5 times per week and make sure to includes weights.
    May 140
  • New


    Tesla Motors
    May 130
  • IBM / Eng


    Install Gentoo
    Read the sticky
    May 140
  • MathWorks Afop03
    Definitely not a cheeseburger!
    May 140
  • Clover Health sinkinship
    Seriously, just exercise (any kind) and eat more conciously. That's all it is.
    May 140
  • Google GCPCE
    First, figure out what your maintenance caloric intake is (the amount of calories per day that if you ate you would stay the same weight, hint it’s very likely not the standard 2,000 that everything is based off). From there, figure out the best way for you to get your net intake below that amount (could be eating less calories, or burning more).
    May 140
  • New udSE01
    Try low carb instead. Less than 100g net carbs per day. Or even better - try keto, which is less than 20g of carbs per day. Give it a couple months. You won’t regret.
    May 130
  • Twitter chutya
    May 130

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