Our Startup is being acquired by Blackberry

Cylance hence
Jan 31 7 Comments

Cylance is AI cybersecurity: Next Gen Antivirus and EDR. Three months ago, as far as the average employee knew, we were a hot, well-funded, late stage startup with dreams of going public—an idea not discouraged in All Hands, ever.

All true until November 16, 2018. There was a Business Wire post with a rumor, initially denied in a last-minute All Hands. And a week later, another All Hands to announce that yes, the rumor was true: Blackberry acquiring Cylance for $1.4B.

Anyone have any opinions on BB? Anyone have advice on who stays and who goes post-closing? Is the classification of General and Administrative (GNA) mean I'm certain to be laidoff? Anyone from BB want to spill some beans?


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  • Microsoft BarFoo
    Get your resume ready.
    Jan 31 0
  • Google / Other

    Google Other

    Flagged by the community
    Sounds like you got a RIM job
    Jan 31 0
  • Microsoft bOushskan
    Sorry to hear about your loss.
    Jan 31 0
  • New / Product jaroole
    Were there any red flags? Lots of AI startups are built on overhype and have limited traction (ours included)
    Jan 31 0
  • Cylance hence
    Cylance has a good product. The AI is real. And yes, Blackberry is pivoting to security software only. The red flags are mainly just never getting a straight answer from anyone above me during this transition. It’s all “nothing will change” “keep doing what you’re doing” but my intuition says otherwise.
    Jan 31 0
  • T-Mobile r5k2jda4
    BB is moving deeper into security, maybe they will become a player? Could be all the changes over the years improved the companies goals and culture?
    Jan 31 0
  • New DvVM00
    that’s not a red flag. that’s required. they absolutely cannot share that info outside of need to know.
    Jan 31 0