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Jun 28 4 Comments

Anyone has experience with LASIK at PCLI? My optometrist strongly recommends PCLI. Was wondering about the service quality? Also how much did the procedure cost?


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  • Microsoft blind2
    Thank you for sharing. That article is really making the rethink! Did you do LASIK or PRK?
    Jun 28 1
    • Medtronic endlez
      I had LASIK but it doesn’t really matter from a risk perspective, both procedures include the same trauma to the cornea.
      Jul 1
  • Medtronic endlez
    DO NOT get LASIK. The risks this procedure carry are not worth the convenience of not needing to wear glasses. I have been living in chronic pain from my LASIK procedure 3 years ago. Worst decision of my life.

    This article is just scratching the surface of some of the complications of this procedure:
    Jun 28 1
    • New / Strategy

      New Strategy

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      But many are happy with that?
      Jun 28