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Two Sigma JIGv43
Jun 2 10 Comments

How crazy are the comps at top PE firms (KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle etc)


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  • Google Sirens
    At what level? Analysts are paid lower than engineers at FNG while putting in near-banking hours, whereas the top 5% who survive the climb to exec/partner-level by making it rain for the firm can rake in fair carry
    Jun 2 7
    • Apple okpH67
      It really depends on the fund and how the market is doing but if those numbers are correct unfanged, I chose the wrong profession
      Jun 3
    • Microsoft unfanged
      It depends. Money isn’t everything. Most of my friends in PE MFs are working 100+ hours and are generally miserable.
      Jun 3
    • Apple okpH67
      You can always transition into a middle market fund
      Jun 3
    • Microsoft unfanged
      Also similarly miserable. They work perhaps slightly less like 80-90, but also make less.
      Jun 3
    • Apple okpH67
      I guess I'd rather be a staff engineer (eventually) pulling 400-600
      Jun 3
  • Blackstone / Eng wfjsk
    Depends pretty highly. Associates do well for being in NYC. VPs are comfortable. After that depends pretty highly on group or fund, but no one above a VP is struggling in any sense of the word
    Jun 3 0
  • Insightly wcpe
    Just google search the heidrick and struggles private equity compensation report. The funds you name are in the largest fund bucket. Entry level, called associates, make about $300k/year. Early tenure partners (10 yoe) are about $1.5m/year cash, with about $30-40m in stock (carried interest) which can be divided by 5 years to arrive at a notional per year equity award.
    Sep 23 0


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