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Dec 4, 2018 12 Comments

I’m curious about the normal practice at both FAANG and other big companies. If you’re fired after being given a PIP, do you normally get a severance package?

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  • Undisclosed PokéDB
    Severance will be tied up in a Termination Agreement. Typically it’s going to match your notice period, which is likely two weeks?

    There are clauses in this agreement which protect the employer and make it substantially more difficult to sue.

    You’re likely not making $500k in severance, the company won’t accelerate your vesting, or award amazing amounts of money, unless you’re a special snowflake executive or they’ve done something horrendously wrong which causes liability.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • VMware VMwarewolf
    Only if the company feels there is a legal risk in firing you (e.g. discrimination lawsuit or wrongful termination risk). Then they’d offer you severance in exchange for you agreeing not to sue them. Otherwise, and with good cause, your ass can be fired any time without recourse or payment.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Netflix BlndrThngs
    We don’t do PIP
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Deloitte weirdflex
    Fail PIP = no severance generally. You might get unemployment, but no severance.
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Tesla Le Tigre
    You fail your PIP you have cause to fire them on the spot. Perhaps a couple of weeks pay if you know they will take some time to land on their feet, perhaps if they were just hired into the wrong role. It’s all subjective, if you’re a prick, you’re lazy, and you haven’t tried; then no, fuck off, no payout. You tried, I liked you, you gave it your best, but you just weren’t a good fit; then yes, I’ll try and get you some cash.
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Salesforce NGCx18
    At FB. I kept someone on PIP, because the person was terrible. This person turned around and so I don’t know how much would have been paid. I believe nothing more than a month gets paid with no extra stock vesting.
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Google Yoshka
    Depends. Both Amazon and FB had the same in the sense that getting fired after PIP gave minimal severance. FB will try to manage out or ask to leave whereas Amazon will do Pivot and award more severance if you agree to leave.
    Dec 4, 20180
  • Undisclosed P=NP
    WHY IS YOUR NAME 🌲 fiddy? 😡
    Dec 4, 20182
    • Blizzard others
      Maybe he got a 350z
      Dec 4, 2018
    • Undisclosed 3 fiddy
      @P=NP why not? What’s wrong with the name?
      Dec 4, 2018
  • Apple Marijuana
    No severance if you “fail” a PIP (the company decides if you failed or not).
    Dec 5, 20180
  • Cisco Kid Cisco
    We don’t do PIP
    Dec 4, 20180

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