PIP manager at Oracle

Oracle abbahs
May 12 7 Comments

Any experience here on PIP for manager at Oracle? How many improvement points? How many weeks to deliver? Any formal warning on upcoming PIP before the actual process?


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  • Microsoft ParxAve
    Getting PIP’ed at Oracle is a tough task. How did you manage to do that? Pissed off the manager badly?
    May 12 3
    • Oracle ttyl3
      Not really, I saw 3 people in my team got pipped
      May 12
    • Microsoft ParxAve
      May 12
    • Nvidia uint
      Yeah, were you like being productive or something?
      May 13
  • Oracle abbahs
    Not OCI. I have got accountable for things my manager didnt manage either in the past. Now I am blamed.
    May 13 2
    • Your manager won’t be in trouble. Just you.
      May 13
    • New RWUF23
      I had the fucking thing happen to me at Oracle. Unfortunately, Oracle is really cut-throat. You either have to get your manager fired or get fired yourself.

      There's no way to survive a PIP. Your options are:

      1. Do the bare minimum while looking for other jobs.
      2. Quit now, and find another job.
      3. Report your manager for some kind of HR violation, and try to get him fired.

      When I worked at Oracle, we had a stacked-rank performance system where every year, someone on our team had to get fired. There were only 5 people on our team, so every year, somebody got fired. This led to constant in-fighting among everybody because we were all pointing fingers trying to get each other fired.

      My manager was suppose to deliver on projects but he didn't. Then he blamed me and put me on a PIP. I was naive back then (only 33 years old) and I thought a PIP was some kind of goal-setting exercise. My manager made me write my own PIP and list down all the things I should improve. Then he said that's he's managing me out.

      On my last day, I had my last meeting with my manager and he told me, "don't tell HR what I did." What the fuck! He put me on a PIP, ran out the clock, I got fired, and he saved his job.

      Yeah, better to get out of Oracle. It's been a couple years since that episode and I've moved on to better roles at better companies. Good luck!
      Jun 27