PM On site interview @workday - what to expect

Vertic helloxx
Jul 19, 2018 1 Comment

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the design test given? Also, will they be asking alot of questions about enterprise software or more behavioral?

This is for PM2 I believe



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  • Workday / Other Sjfuej3837
    So as you could expect, it depends on which product/team you’re interviewing for. In the end the whole design test is to really just see how you think, how you approach design, the things you did to research and is mostly about how you respond to the questions you get when you present. In short, it’s designed to resemble what each team does every week: present a feature, respond to questions, explain your thinking, and how you handle criticism. Just always remember, everyone on the team has their own role (PM, Dev, QA, Arch). There’s a reason for that. As a PM you need to represent the functional requirements and let everyone else do their jobs.
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