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Question to SWEs and data analysts who work in ML projects or products (both consumer and enterprise): I'm curious about your opinion or experience on how PMs add most value. The PM role is generally very loosely defined and I've noticed that every PM has a very individual style, what they spend time on, how technical they are, how much they are high level story tellers vs being heads down in the details. I see in my environment a ton of things I could be doing, but it's not obvious how to prioritize best.

Would be keen to hear your opinion on what works for you. And also, what a PM definitely shouldn't be doing. Thanks :)


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    PMs are extremely valuable for buy in and strategy. I expect a good PM to come up with tight specs of what is in and out of scope. In the ML domain if working with internal stakeholders, very valuable to scope out the user stories and prioritize and organize the sequence of execution. Stay out of the technicals though.
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    IMO it is the PMs responsibility to balance and communicate priorities across the SE/ML team, the current customers, and prospective customers. Sure PMs may not know at a low level what’s going on, but at a high level they need to be able to articulate the teams goal and understand the landscape so they can position the team for success and growth
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