PM interview at Uber (Eats). Tips?

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Nov 14 6 Comments

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have experience interviewing at Uber? I am going to interview at Uber for the first time. Any tips would be great!
Can you please briefly describe your experience and the case study types?
Any help will be highly appreciated!


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Uber eats is a shtshow especially product. Strategy keeps changing every half and eng attrition is high
    Nov 14 1
    • WeWork weleave
      Oh no, thats good to know. I am not very excited about Uber after Wework anyway. But its good interview practice i guess. Can you describe how PM interviews are structured at Uber?
      Nov 14
  • Uber / Ops Innovative
    PM as in program or project manager?
    Nov 16 1
    • WeWork weleave
      Product manager
      Nov 16
  • Microsoft / Product Sick0
    Got asked how would you design the reco engine for the UE homepage
    Nov 19 0
  • Prepare prepare prepare. Use the star method to prepare for the behavioral questions. Look online and combine all of the questions asked for your role in interviews. Prepare some more.
    Nov 14 0


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