PM offer at Startup - is this decent?

Autodesk / Product pnutz
Aug 18 6 Comments

Got an offer this week that breaks down to something like this:

Base: 150k
Equity: 34k of ~25M valuation
2.75% revenue share (when asked, they anticipated close to 1k/mo to start and would ramp up to ~5k/mo). Meant to replace an AIP

Current TC:
100k + 10%AIP

4.5 YOE, 1 YOE with PM title

Autodesk underpays hard so wondering what the market rate is. Also interviewing with FB and Goog, so idk how much i should hold out for them?


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  • FourthWall Media 80%Comple
    His TC would only be 162k to start so at over 5 YOE for a PM in San Rafael that is pretty low.
    Aug 18 3
    • Autodesk / Product pnutz
      My other experience was as a program manager, so some people see 5 YOE some people say less. Just depends I guess
      Aug 18
    • Autodesk / Product pnutz
      Also they seemed confident the ramp up was fast (like ~$5k within a few months?) so my guess is projecting the middle at $3k/mo would put the bonus at 36k and TC at $186k before equity
      Aug 18
    • Autodesk / Product pnutz
      But you're right to be conservative in estimation. They could be talking up the profit sharing part
      Aug 18
  • Amazon StickApart
    What level are you interviewing at for G and FB
    Aug 18 1
    • Autodesk / Product pnutz
      For FB idk what level per say. I thought they would put me at a level after interviews? I think the req is 5 YOE.

      For Google it's pool hiring as they explained to me. Interview when I'm ready, and they'll match me and level me if I make it through
      Aug 18


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