Palantir FDE’s — how has your career grown there?

New qworp
Jul 13 7 Comments

I’m curious because I’m considering software engineer vs. forward deployed engineer there.

I’m still fairly junior and still have a lot to go in terms of my engineering. But, I don’t see myself coding decades later, and a FDE I’ve spoken with says he’s learned an incredible amount there from a business standpoint (not just engineering), which sounds appealing to me.

It sounds like the typical consulting recruiting pitch to me (come to us, you’ll learn a lot from many different industries and get a wide breadth of experience).

Has that been the case for you?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Scotiabank gargantuan
    I heard it sucks
    Jul 13 3
    • New qworp
      Alright, I’ll bite. Details?
      Jul 13
    • Scotiabank gargantuan
      Overworked, pay is meh, but pretty sexy title.
      Jul 13
    • Visa / Eng MzkG80
      Still better than scotiabank though
      Jul 13
  • Palantir / Eng palatir
    It really depends on a deployment that you will be assigned to - some will not have any coding at all.

    I do code pretty much every day, also have an option to spend more time with a client but I just choose not to.

    The pay is good in Europe, probably not that great in the US.

    The business side of work is actually interesting, I know several people who even transitioned from writing code to do more business analysis and business solutions.
    Jul 15 1
    • Salesforce afc
      Hey I’m really looking to go into Palantir. Really interested in what kind of solutions they’re up to - I’m US based. You mind a quick chat? I do something similiar to leverage at SFDC.
      Jul 15
  • Bloomberg / Other ASSSlayer
    One of the only dev roles where you can travel and be front office
    Jul 16 0


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